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The most popular on-going trend for hair styling is the hair coloring. The hair coloring changes the whole looks and the personality of an individual. It is a practice to change the color of a hair to a most desired hair color. This is a process with the help of chemicals and natural forms of hair-dye. One can choose their own hair color. This process takes few hours to complete. The time period of a new hair color is depending on the product quality which is used for the hair coloring.

The longest colored hair can last up to more than 8 weeks, it started to fade after 6 weeks.  

One can opt for permanent and non- permanent hair coloring.


For Permanent Color:

In permanent hair color the colors been penetrating to each hair cuticle, entering the hair cortex and makes a bonding with a hair. This permanent color stays in the hair.

For Non- Permanent Color:

In non- permanent hair color, each stand of the hair been coated with the color. This color can be easily shampooed out.


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Gives a different look:

The hair color change the look of an individuals. The thought of changing a color of a hair is more surprising and exiting. One can change their hair color in any aspect of time. There are endless color for hair coloring one can go with dark, light, just can have highlighting, there are infinite options. The change in hair color change the whole personality of an individual.

Add Volume and Strength:

Coloring a hair put a coating in a hair which makes it more stronger. It builds up the hair strength. The change in a hair color also makes an illusion of thickness in hair.

Protection from Pollution:

Coloring a hair coat a layer to one’s natural hair which protect the natural hair of an individual from dust, pollution, excessive heat, which are harmful for the hair.

Smooths Frizz

If one has a frizzy hair, then they must try coloring their hair because the hair dry smooths the frizzy hair and give a neat look.

Before Tips:

1. Your Hair should be in healthy condition before getting colored.

2. Before 3 days of hair coloring, one should take hair oil massage so that the hair stands take color smoothly.

3. One should choose appropriate hair color for themselves which matches their skin tone instead of choosing the trendy one.

4. Talk to the professional regarding the hair color. They will give good advice.

After care Tips:

1. Avoid washing the hair for 48 hours because the color takes time to get settle in the roots.

2. One should use those shampoo which is UV protective.

3. One should do the deep conditioning of hair as it makes the hair shades vibrant and fresh.

4. Avoid washing hair with hot water and using of any heating products because it fades the color of the hair.


Ombre Hair Color – This hair color look, is achieved by bleaching and coloring just the end of the hair to the desired length. Leaving the natural hair towards the scalp. One can even chop the end of colored hair if get bored of that look.

Balayage– This technique involve free- hand dying the certain section of the hair seamlessly blending the colored section with the natural hair. The highlights in in this technique looks organic but not well defined.

Chunky Highlight– In this technique, a picked strand of hair with required thickness being bleached and colored, this can be done by wrapping the required strands in foil while bleaching and coloring. The highlight in this technique are well – defined.

Peek-a-boo Underlight– In this technique, the front and crown of hair remain natural, while only back section being colored.

Reverse Balayage- This technique is also be applied as a reverse balayage in which the lighter color is stared from the base of the hair and then fades to dark in end.

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