Keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment are now quite popular in hair industry for their ability to restore strength, shine and resilience of hair. it’s a potential found naturally in the hair, skin, and nails. Keratin is responsible for the strength and resilience of the hair.  Most of the protein in the hair lost due to excessive sunlight, pollution, and use of improper product. As a result, the hair begins to frizz, lost their shine and double – rooted hair begins to develop which causes hair fall.  The Keratin treatment can be used to restore protein that has been lost. Keratin Treatment is a chemical treatment which adds a layer of Keratin to the hair, making it silky, smooth, strong, and frizz- free.


The Keratin treatment involves applying the keratin product to the hair, sealing it with a flat iron and leaving it for a certain period, then finally washing it.

Step 1

Hair is thoroughly cleansed using a mild shampoo.

Woman during hair wash
Step 2

Later the hair is blow- dried to eliminate remaining wetness.

Hair drying after wash
Step 3

A layer of keratin solution is applied to the hair which contain keratin-based particles designed to imitate the hair’s natural keratin.

Hairdresser applying keratin a woman's hair
Step 4

A flat iron is used to seal in the product in hair to absorb the keratin so that it can regenerate.

young female getting her hair curled by stylist at parlor
Step 5

Lastly, Hair is thoroughly rinsed.

girl showing long hair

The additional keratin serves to strengthen the hair, fill in the gaps in the hair and create a protective barrier against the future damage.


Smooth and Frizz – free hair :

The most noticeable benefit of the keratin treatment is that it reduces the frizz of the hair and make it smooth and silky. The treatment fills the hair cuticle with proportionate amount of product, which help in reducing frizz and adding shine.

Strengthen Hair:

The Keratin treatment help in making hair stronger by restoring the lost protein to hair stands. Treatment also help hair from future damage.

Suitable for all Hair Types:

Keratin Treatment improves hair’s texture by making it smoother and strong regardless the type and length of hair. Anyone who are facing problem with the hair can opt for keratin treatment.


One can also customized their treatment based on their hair goals like whether they want strengthen hair, add volume or simply improvement in hair’s health.


There are several types of Keratin Treatment, which have different of features and benefit.

These includes:

Brazilian Blowout: This is the most common type of keratin treatment. It gives a result of long-lasting shine, strength and frizz- free hair for 6 months.

Hair Botox- Treatment: The solution in this treatment is formaldehyde-free which offers a more natural looking finish. This treatment is helpful to restore, rebuild and rejuvenate any hair types.

Japanese Treatment: This treatment is more lasting than that of Brazilian Treatment. But the solution used for this treatment have sodium hydroxide which can result damage in hair.

Cinderella Treatment: It uses the mixture of onion and organic aloe vera, which moisture and repair the hair before infusing keratin into the hair locks. It is suitable for the bleached or damaged hair and frizzy unmanageable hair.


The result of the Treatment last for four months approximately. The longevity of the treatment also depends on the how one chooses to follow after- treatment hair care routine. After the treatment, one should avoid getting hair we so that the hair absorbs the keratin fully.

One should use the sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, as sulfates strip the keratin from hair.

Also, the avoid of salt water and chlorine is also needed for the keratin treated hair because it can damage the treatment. At the time of styling hair, only hair protestant can be used to prevent heat damage.

Keratin Treatment is considered as a one of the best treatments for hair damage.

If one is looking to transform their hair and boost its heath and appearance than keratin treatment is the best option to choose. One can choose the type of treatment according to their hair type and need. The treatment only last for few months but if one take care of their treated hair, then it last longer than usual time period. Keratin Treatment reduces the frizz and give shine and strength to hair.

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