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there are 5 easy steps you can follow and add to your skin care routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

makeup removing


Makeup remover – Start with cleaning your hand with soap water or sanitize it with 70% isopropanol so that you don’t infect your skin

After cleaning your hands properly start with removing makeup if any applied or simply clear your face with facewash or makeup removal to ensure that the face is clean, and you have removed access oil, dirt, and dust from your skin.

applying cleanser


Apply cleanser – Take a cotton pad and soak it properly with cleanser and apply it gently on your face, it will help you to remove remaining oil, dust, and dirt particle, it will help you to get instant glow.

serum application on face


Serum – Take a small amount of serum and apply it on your skin

Serum helps to prevent various skin issues, it goes deep into the skin and helps to reduce skin dryness and gives natural glow to your skin

It also helps to get rid of anti-aging, acne control, and scar fading.

sheet mask


Sheet Mask – Sheet mask is a fiver mask which is soaked in moisturizer

It helps to re-hydrate the dry skin

It’s higher concentration of ingredients helps to make skin more even and glowing

Apply it for a while and let the sheet dry it will take around 20 minutes

After a few minutes let the skin dry naturally.

women applying beauty cream


Night cram – Night cream helps to keep skin hydrated for long and provides extra protection and care to your skin

Using a good quality product helps to prevent any skin allergy and skin issues

Apply it with your fingers by tapping and you are ready to sleep with healthy results.

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