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We have started our journey with our brand name Hasya Beauty Salon in 2023 with a vision to provide our customers best possible salon services in affordable and customizable price range.
And also, to provide comfortable and relaxed environment.


We believe in providing you an inclusive and welcoming environment, salon is a place which helps you to relax your mind in these busy days.
You deserve better then a rushed and frustrating environment, waiting in a long queue. That's why we provide pre booking services so that you decide it at your own. Our beauty salon is committed to make you feel beautiful.

Team Work

At Hasya Beauty Salon we have a team with minimum 5 years of experience and a deep knowledge in beauty industry.
We have a team that is well capable to understand and fulfil all the needs of our clint's on priority.
Our team is dedicated about to help our clint's to look best of their version.


Hasya Beauty is a salon that offers beauty services by the professionals in Gurugram, Haryana.

We have a dedicated specialist team to provide all the advanced and best salon services to our client’s as per their need and requirement.

our beauty Salon is committed to our client’s helping them to archive their beauty goals.

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Manicure is a grooming essential.

It is important that we keep clean nails for both men and woman, that are removed from dead cells, splits, cuticles and all the dust particles.


Keratin treatment helps to repair damaged hair and provides protection to it, it’s a well known process of long-term hair strainghtening especially it works more with frizzy hair.


Hair Spa

Hair Spa treatment is a well known and essential service as it cleans the scalp and helps to fine tune the texture of the hair.


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Special Services

You deserve better than a rushed makeover by an unprofessional makeup artist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Hair Spa

Hair spa is an important treatment to clean up dirt from the scalp and to fine-tune the texture of your hair.
Because of dry weather conditions it’s very common that you our hair fights with regular stress, dryness and dust. Hair spa generally reduces the access oil production and helps to provide more strength to the roots. The massage simulates hair growth and helps to repair damaged hair, it works very well as a best stress reliever.

Starting From ₹ 4,800

Cystine Treatment

Cystine treatment is a healthy hair protein which is added to your hair after a complete understanding of hair type, it’s volume and texture.
It helps to keep hair healthy for long period of time. It makes hair healthy, naturally straight frizz free. After Cystine treatment hair looks radiant and stronger than ever.

Starting From ₹3,800

Advanced Facial treatments

Starting From ₹3,200

Advanced Facial Treatments are useful for the application of skin products to work effectively.

It’s a proven technique in specially European region. It heals acne and scars, reduces wrinkles and helps to deal with dark circles.


Bridal Services

While the Bridal Makeup we focus on makeup, hair styling even saree or ethnic wear dripping.
As per our client’s requirements, as per the budget our customer can also choose if it also includes bridesmaids.

Starting From ₹5,100
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